Learn the craft of knotting

& develop a personal creative practice 

E-Course series by Lise Silva Gomes 


Intentional crafting

Knotting & Fibercraft

Developing a community-grounded art practice

Discovering your creative voice


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Upcoming Courses:

  • Knot Sequence Wallhangings: Jan 2022
  • Intuitive Approaches to Fiber & Color: TBA .... Apr 2022
  • Ancestral Fibercraft & Sacred Knots: Nov 2022

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Hi, I’m Lise

I work in fiber, incorporating traditional knotting techniques like sailor's knots, tassel-making, sewing, punch needle, wrapping, and jewelry-making techniques to create fiber wall hangings & jewelry.

I have taught in-person workshops and written instructionals for several years on knotting and developing a grounded creative practice. I have written a book, now available called Sacred Knots: Create, Adorn, and Transform through the Art of Knotting and am also transitioning my tutorial content to e-course form for

international students.

Self-guided, Intuitive 

Approaches to Fiber & Color 

Coming Apr 2022

Ancestral Fibercrafts

Coming Nov 2022

Knot Sequences

Coming Jan 2022


choosing materials

tools and workspace set up

basic knotting techniques

Course now available!