Build a new skill & develop

a fulfilling practice with me

This Knot Basic course is perfect for both the absolute beginner as well as the student with a background in knots or a related fiber medium just looking for a refresher course or to fill in the gaps of their knowledge.

This course was designed to both work linearly from start to finish in a flow that builds skill through video, pdf, exercises, a quiz, summary notes for each module, and also work well for those who prefer to skip around to modules that suit their needs.

It contains detailed information you won't find anywhere else on materials and how to select the right cord for the right project. This course contains some material that is independent from my book Sacred Knots: Create, Adorn, and Transform Through the Art of Knotting it can serve as an all-encompassing companion to the book or as a stand alone complete primer.

Get discounts and references toward both knotting supplies and future intermediate level course

Course Goals You Will Accomplish:

  • Set up your workspace and gather the right tools for your practice
  • Discover material options and how to select the best cord for your projects
  • Understand the fundamental principles of knotting
  • Tie 9 knots of different styles

Get both quick versions and step-by-step, detailed versions of how to tie the knots

Get super detailed information on cord specs, what makes synthetic and natural fiber cords different, how to use the internet to find the cords you want, how different cord varieties compare, and how to find out what materials mystery cords are composed of

Get both videos and pdfs explaining knotting and making diagrams easy to understand


choosing materials

tools and workspace set up

essential knotting techniques

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How long is this course from start to finish?

There is around 3 hours of just video content, not including pdfs with additional information, exercises and more. The course was created so you can follow it from start to finish or jump around. Some modules have videos you can opt out of watching; with information in multiple formats, you can choose which sections are most helpful to you. Those students that are already familiar with knotting, may choose to skip exercises and complete the course in 2 hours or less, while other students who may prefer to spend time immersing in the exercises, videos, and pdf information may take around 10 hours with the information.

How long do I have access to the course materials?

As long as you want! You have lifetime access

Is it for beginners or those already familiar with knotting?

Both! It was designed for both absolute beginners to take slowly at their own pace and also has a lot of Cliffs Notes takeaways for those who are just looking for a refresher and want to skim modules.

What if I get stuck?

That's not likely to happen since this course was designed in a very thorough way, displaying the information across several formats for each module. There are detailed videos for each knot demonstrated. While this isn't an interactive course, you can certainly email me with queries directly in regards to course material and I will do my best to respond.

What minimum age level is the course appropriate for?

While individuals vary in their aptitude and skills, I would say across the board the course is best suited, not just for adults, but also for kids age 11 and up. Teens usually enjoy the process, and it can range from mild to moderately challenging. My methodology, and all the knots in this course have been taught to public middle school students who have really taken to the skill and made amazing projects for their art classes.

Do we make projects in this course?

This course doesn't focus on projects or any particular aesthetic, but rather, upon laying a foundation of knowledge and skill. Once you complete this course you will be all set to start applying your skill in different pathways with endless possibilities. The next level of this course, which should release in the Summer 2021 will be project-focused, and this course, or equivalent knowledge, will be a prerequisite for the next course. A bundle discount will be offered for both courses.